Everybody participates

If everyone participates in a project, then the overall workload will be bearable on the organizational person.

sMatrix - Benutzerintegration
Distributed Workload Assignment at the sMatrix School Administration System

Not only is the administrative person a bottle neck of a school, but also responsible for any and all information distributed within the school. Although seen as a stronghold position from the outside, it is also the most essential and the weakest position. Some managers do not want a change to reduce the risk of a breakdown, others might use a more brute force approach. In all cases, changing only that once position is not necessarily the solution to the problem.

We at cross business try to divide the work into administrational- and educational functions and processes. The administrational person will remain in charge of the core data, and as such of the overall structure of the system. The educational-administrative person will take over functions such as the whole report card process by assining the teachers to enter the grades into the system. Removing this heavy burden and responsibility from the administrative person has changed our school, and will yours too.

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